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Good service is the lifeblood and backbone a company lies on. TPS struggles to provide customers with high level service experience while selling our products. Our service is divided into 3 parts: pre-sale service, on-sale service, after-sale service, solving all the problems that involved in buying, using and maintaining.


Pre-sale service

Pre-sale service

1.Professional consulting service: TPS will offer you information consultation on product, price, technology, industrial application solution etc. You are welcome to consult via telephone, website, mail, or door visiting.

2.Sample-making service: you are welcome to mail us cutting material, then the whole cutting process will be transmitted to you via live broadcast or video and the sample will be sent you.

3.Visiting service: you are welcome to visit our workshop, office, and get a site inspection.


On-sale service

On-sale service

1.Integrity and equality: we will adhere to the principle of integrity and equality while receiving customers regardless of their contract value, relations with us and nationality.

2.Quality guarantee: we will strictly confirm with producing standards and contract items while producing the machine.


After-sale service

After-sale service

1.After sales, we will offer you free installation, free software update and lifetime maintenance.

2.Free training.

3.Warranty for one year of the whole machine (excluding wearing parts), and lifetime maintenance.

4.After-sale responding time: if receiving your warranty phone call or email, after-sale engineer will reply within 24 hours.

5.Methods of after-sale service: we offer online remote communication via social softwares like QQ, Wechat, Whatsapp, Skype, Teamviewer etc.

6.Situations that excluded from warranty: inappropriate using and maintaining, self-modification or dismantlement, machine without receipt, force majeure damage, warranty expiration.

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