Composite material

TPS digital cutting machine mainly focuses on CNC cutting of soft composite material like carbon fiber, glass fiber, soft glass, honeycomb profile etc. By providing the best cutting program for sample-making and small batch production, with the help of various tools and pen, it can meet different cutting requirements. And achieve different craft like cutting and drafting with fast speed, high accuracy, and great intelligence, helping customers transit from traditional manual cutting mode to modern and advanced cutting mode of high speed, high accuracy and intelligence. Also providing diversified and customized cutting service.


Equipment features:

1.TPS Technology researched and developed CAM software independently which prevents over-cutting at inner angles to recover graphic outline maximally.

2.Intelligent tabletop mapping function: the flatness of tabletop is measured with tabletop mapping by the high-precision height detector, and the tabletop can be height-compensated in real time by the TPS software to ensure perfect cutting result.

3.Realize matching the cut shapes of front and back sides intelligently according to the material edges.

4.Automatic tool calibration:  Quick and effortless tool exchange thanks to the fiber laser tool-tip height sensor.  It accurately and automatically calibrates the working depth for different tools and greatly contributes to simple operation. 

5.Quick-replacement universal modules make simple and efficienct operation and save tool-changing time.

Cutting material

TPS digital cutting machine is equipped with advanced tool module quick replacement, which is strongly universal, easy, convenient and handy./p>

  • 打样机通用刀座

    Universal tool module

  • 打样机通用刀座与刀具结合

    Universal tool module and tool unit

  • 电脑切割机带铣刀

    High performance high speed Milling Router

  • 电脑切割机斜切刀

    Multi-angle V-Cut tool

  • 电脑切割机压痕刀

    Creasing tool

  • 电脑切割机轮切刀

    Wheel-cut tool

  • 电脑切割机震动刀

    Electric Oscillating knife

  • 碳纤维

    Carbon fiber

    Civil construction, aircraft manufacturing,space technology,
    traffic transportation

    Tool selection

    Wheel-cut tool

  • 玻璃纤维


    Bullet-proof helmet, bullet-proof vest,
    helicopter wing, radome,
    pressure vessel

    Tool selection

    Wheel-cut tool

  • 软玻璃

    Soft glass

    Door curtain,
    table mat,
    floor mat

    Tool selection

    Drag tool

  • Ablative material

    Spaceship, satellite,

    Tool selection

    Drag tool

Advantages of cutting machine’s Hardware


Quick replacement tool modules

TPS digital cutting machine is with advanced, standard and universal tool modules for replacing tools easily and quickly. It is very handy during processing a wide variety of materials.

Multiple tools

Full range of tools: router, electric oscillating knife, V-cut tool, drag tool, creasing tool, kiss-cut tool, plotting pen etc. Different tools for different materials.

Magnalium Vacuum Absorption Tabletop

The tabletop is durable and non-deforming with vacuum absorption design: strong wind strong suction.(easy for absorbing small items)

Vacuum cleaning pipe and base stand

The whole cutting process is without smell and dust, which is good for workers’ health and up to the environmental protection standard.


Software features

TPS digital cutting machine adopts self-researched and self-developed CAM software, in which users’ needs are perfectly considered. It is a full-automatic intelligent cutting system that integrates performance, speed and quality, which can realize various craftworks like full cutting, half cutting, boring and milling, punching, creasing, marking etc. Easy operation, multiple and practical functions, together with tool modules quick replacement can meet customized needs of users.


Automatic tool calibration

Tool or bit exchange is fast and effortless thanks to the fiber laser tool tip height sensor. It accurately and automatically calibrates the working depth for different tools and greatly contributes to simple operation.

High definition CCD camera

The high definition CCD camera can realize automatic positioning and cutting on various materials, which eradicates problems like inaccurate manual positioning and print deformation.

Automatic switch of two heads

The cutting process realizes automatic switch of two heads and satisfies different craftwork needs of different materials.

Vacuum absorption

With strong wind and strong suction, the size of vacuum absorption area is selectable, greatly reducing electricity consumption.

Material automatic recognition

Material thickness can be automatically measured instead of manual measurement, then it will be recorded into the software.


Cutting workflow diagram


Technical parameters

Main technical parameters of the machine

Item: Parameter:
Equipment power: 2.5kw
Vacuum pump power: 7.5kw
Voltage: 380V 3 phase
Work area: 1600x2500mm
Max. material size: 1700x3000mm
Material max. processing height: 50mm
Beam height: 60mm
Max. processing speed: 72m/min.
Servo motor qty: 6pcs
Fixing method: Welded integration
Cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm
Positioning method: High-definition CCD camera、Automatic edge recognition
Automatic media-feeding: Yes
Applied material: KT board, PVC foam board, PP, sticker, acrylic, corrugated board, honeycomb board, corrugated plastic, grey board, paper, leather, blanket, MDF, aluminum composite sheet, insulating board, fiber cloth, medium fiber board, flag fabric, textile fabric,etc.

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