Hangzhou TPS Technology Co., Ltd is committed to providing global customers with overall solutions for intelligent cutting of non-metallic material. It is a professional manufacturer of digital cutting machine, integrating design, R&D, production and sales. Its main product--digital cutter S1 is adhering to the design concept of rapidity, stability, intelligence, environmental protection and high efficiency, which is widely applied in advertising, packaging, apparel and footwear, automotive interiors, luggage, composite materials, etc. It effectively helps enterprises to achieve the transition from traditional manual cutting production mode to modernized and advanced production mode of high speed, accuracy and intelligence, greatly improve production efficiency and material utilization, and lower the production cost and increase the market competitiveness.

Hangzhou TPS Technology Co.,Ltd. devoting to providing global clients with overall solution about intelligently cutting non-mental soft materials, is a professional CNC cutter manufacturer that integrates design, development, production and sale.


TPS cutting machine mainly focuses on the intelligent cutting of non-metallic material in different graphics. It can quickly complete various processes such as full-cutting, half-cutting, boring and milling, punching, creasing, marking, etc, solving the problem of cutting special-shaped graphics and improving production efficiency, which suits sample-making and small batch production. It also solves recruitment difficulty, lowers labor cost and reduces defective rate resulting from manual cutting deviation......


Quick replacement tool modules

TPS digital cutting machineis equipped with advanced and universal tool modules, which makes tool replacement easily and quickly. It is very handy during processing a wide variety of materials.

A variety of tools

Full range of tools: milling router, oscillating knife, V-cut tool, drag tool, creasing tool, kiss-cut tool, plotting pen, etc. Different tools are applied for different materials.

Vac-Sorb Almag alloy platform

The platform is durable and non-deforming with vacuum absorption design----strong and strong suction(easy for absorbing small items).

Vacuum cleaning pipe and base stand

The whole cutting process is without smell and dust, which is good for workers’ health and meets environmental protection standards.

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