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Workflow and features of shoe sample cutting machine.


Workflow and features of shoe sample cutting machine


1.Shoe sample input: use scanner to scan master plate then computer will turn the sample into lines.
2.Design function: it is convenient and fast to design half panel, from which you can extract any sample you want, then you can choose automatic edge addition, variable edge addition, Arbitrary lattice, group sharing designation and Standard icon simulation ranking.
3.Stage amplifier function: it takes only a few seconds to grade samples of all sizes.
4.Graphic edition: all practical special graphics, wave line editing, graphic viewing, graphic invoking, and measuring function are included.
5.Shoes size selection: 6 kinds of built-in grading numbers and parameters of different countries are included for user’s selection. Customization is also feasible.
6.Template output: after grading, the software will automatically set type, plot and cut, then automatically memorize the location of plotted and cut template for saving material.
7.Lattice arrangement: automatically control different arrangements of front and rear holes on Mark’s shoes and customize according to the number of holes.
8.Half panel design function: when designing a new shoe sample, you can invoke half panel and design curve, arc, round arc, graphic on it. When picking up warps on an arc, you just need a command to turn the curve into center line and pick up warps. In this way a designer’s idea can be quickly turned into a sample.
9.Local and piecewise sharing function: in stage amplifying, to conform with requirements of studs and heels and to control customized values of laces and height, you just need two commands to realize transition connection.
10.Group amplifier function: in stage amplifying of sneakers and casual shoes, to save die costs and smooth the production, you can designate one template as sharing template to finish amplifying.
11.Sole plate and die plate design: after inputting sole plate, you can extend edges, variably add edges, draw, designate sharing template etc. directly on this plate to generate large edition, interior edition, side edition and shrink edition.
12.Line cutter and calculate material of the amplified computer sample, then output quotation, cut order, purchasing order, financial statement etc.

Features of shoe sample-making machine:

1.Transmitted by imported wearable synchronous belt with low noise.
2.Fixing method: vacuum absorption.
3.Equipped with two heads to cut and plot.
4.High accuracy, fast speed, long service life.
5.Operating speed is on a par with imported machine, which is twice faster than home products.
6.Advanced, scientific and practical design idea with high precision, high stability and high operability.
7.Compatible with any CAD software.
8.Able to cut hard cardboard and plastic board.
9.Higher cost performance.
10.The diversity of cutting material improves its producing capacity and practicability.
11.Humanized operation panel makes operation easier and more convenient. Cutting operation and computer operation can proceed simultaneously.

Technical parameter:
Machine name: TPS digital cutting machine
Version: S1
Cutting area: 1500X2500mm
Cutting accuracy: ≤0.05mm, ≤0.1mm
Machine resolution: equipment resolution: 0.025mm/program resolution: 0.025mm
Repeated accuracy: ≤0.1mm
Interval accuracy: moving interval±0.1mm
Max. cutting speed: 1000mm/s
Min, cutting circle diameter: φ1.6mm(depending on material type)
Fixing method: vacuum absorption
Material thickness: 0.5mm-2mm(depending on material type)
Cutting material: gummed label(sticker, reflective glue, Fluorescent adhesive), hard cardboard, compressed foam, Sand blasting rubber, High strength reflective film
Cutting method: half cutting, full cutting, plotting
Tool quantity: 2 pieces(1 tool, 1 plotting pen)
Tool type: tools, pen: ordinary signature pen, roilerballpen, oily ballpen
Working time and performance: continuous working, computer operation and cutting proceed simultaneously, fast data-transmission
Transmission interface:/RSC232 serial port
Command system: HP-GL/DM-PL, compatible with any CAD software
Operating language: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean
Working voltage: 220V±10%50Hz(voltage and current is optional according to local situation)
Fuse specification: 5A

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