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Functions and working principle of carton proofer


Before signing contracts with customers, manufacturers need to confirm the size and demand of carton. According to these requirements, they will make some samples for customers. After making corrections and confirmation, contract can be signed and mass production proceeds. Therefore, carton proofer is mainly used to make carton samples in carton factory.


Why carton factory need carton sample-making machines?
Before the carton sample-making machine was developed, variety of cartoon shaped cutting and jigsaw cut with die-board. Some more complex 3D carton samples and others need manufacturers and customers repeated confirmation, corrections and assembly. But with the increasingly fierce competition in the consumer market, consumable manufacturers will continuously change the product packaging design in order to compete their developing space to control the market initiative. The demand change of consumable manufacturers means that traditional design time cannot satisfy the demand of packaging production speed and the design cycle of packaging products needs to be shortened. The production cycle of packaging products will be shorter and shorter. However, while the time is shortened, the requirements for product quality will not be reduced correspondingly. Instead, it will increase with the change of consumer's consumption philosophy. Therefore, each manufacturer competes for product quality and delivery speed so as to win more orders in the packaging industry. While stabilizing the old customers, we should develop new customers as more as possible, so that the entire factory is in a virtuous circle of working conditions. Because of this change of demand, there will be the carton proofer solving the problem of making sample in packaging industry. It helps carton manufacturer finish the confirmation of making samples more stable, faster and more efficient before mass production, improving the market competition at this stage.

The working principle of carton sample-making machine
Firstly, using professional software like CAD, PS to process file graphics that need to be cut. The processed file graphics contain the actual creasing line and cutting line required for carton proofing, mainly creasing cut line designed for corrugated paper, cardboard, film paper, etc. The file image may also include information such as dimension and document comments. According to different material and technology, tool installation is also different. You can transfer the designed file graphics to the computer of the carton proofer in a certain format, then the machine will automatically recognize various line types in the document graphics and select the corresponding cutting tool for cutting, creasing and other processes. Before cutting, we should set the corresponding parameters in the software such as cutting speed, tool types, cutting depth, creasing depth, over-cut optimization and so on, then cut and crease to finish the carton proofing.


Oscillating knife carton sample-making machine: corrugated board, corrugated paper, pearl cotton, foam board, EVA, etc.
Flat knife head carton proofer: E pit, F pit corrugated board and gray cardboard
Creasing knife carton proofer : corrugated paper, corrugated board, etc.
Small knife head carton proofer: cardboard
Plotting pen: draw a die pattern

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