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The current situation of Domestic carton proofer


     With the proposition of “National Intelligent Manufacturing 2025”, many industrial companies in China are going through industry transformation and upgrading, which is also the only passable way for Chinese enterprises development. The domestic carton proofer industry is facing increasingly fierce foreign and domestic competition, but the upgrading and transformation is not fast and timely. Now the products of domestic carton proofer mainly are middle and low end, which level of products occupies more than half of the production of carton proofer in China, so the transformation and upgrading of the industry is imminent.

     Nowadays , the carton proofers used by enterprises of domestic packaging industry are imported , so the import volume of Chinese carton proofer remains high. There are two reasons about current situation. On the one hand, our national economic structure is accelerating transformation and upgrading. Domestic packaging industry demand will be more rigorous, so this leads to a growing demand for carton proofer in domestic market. On the other hand, with the market demand constantly increasing, the adjustment of the domestic technology innovation and product structure of the carton proofer industry can't keep pace with market demand. It leads to the packaging industry enterprises of a certain size purchase foreign carton proofer. Therefore, the market competitiveness of home-made middle and high grade carton proofer products needs to be improved urgently.

     At present, manufacturers of domestic carton proofers are generally large but not strong, while functional components and numerical control systems are neither large nor strong. Many domestic carton proofer manufacturers have imported some functional components. However, the proportion of domestic CNC carton proofers is constantly increasing in the domestic market, especially medium and high-end numerical control carton proofers, and its use of numerical control systems and the main function localization rate is also obviously improved. Some manufacturers have developed international brands and gradually formed the situation of domestic CNC carton proofer going abroad.

     With the increasing degree of economic openness, Chinese manufacturing industry will face a more complex external ecological environment, especially the domestic carton proofer industry. In the first-line market, competition will grow more and more intense. In the second-tier and third-tier cites, the market demand is growing. Labor costs are continuously increasing. Financing channels of manufacturers are more difficult.

     To survive in this environment, domestic carton proofer enterprises must adjust and upgrade in the technological innovation and product structure, keeping up with changes of market demand and competitive environment. Otherwise, it is easy to be eliminated under the mechanism of survival of the fittest. The carton proofer industry needs to strengthen the training of talents and increase the investment in technology. Only in this way can it grasp the market opportunity.

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