Warm congratulations TPS on selling out one more digital cut


In the morning of May 29th, general manager, Lida Fu, of Hangzhou Taipusheng Machinery company(TPS) has successfully signed a strategic contract with XXX of XXX company. It is reported that XXX company had already purchased one TPS digital cutting machine S1 and they purchase another one today. Thanks for XXX’s trust in TPS!


Just as the customer said, TPS general manager Mr. Fu is a man making products with all his mind. He insists that only when you put your heart and soul into the job can you get things done. So the slogan of TPS is “Established on Tradition, Excellent on Quality”.

 客户现场安装图  客户现场安装图 客户现场安装图
Sitemap of installation

TPS devotes to providing global customers with overall plan of intelligent cutting non-mental soft materials, which is a professional digital cutting machine manufacturer that integrates design, research, development, manufacturing and sale. Our machine stands for the idea of speed, stability, intelligence, environment-protection and efficiency, and is widely applied in industries like advertising, packaging, clothing, car interior, luggage, composite material and so on. With one machine, you can have multiple choices.



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