TPS at Shanghai APPP EXPO


From March 28 to March 31, APPP EXPO was held at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting more than 200,000 Chinese and foreign customers.

Hangzhou TPS Technology Co. Ltd carried the latest product--Digital Cutting Machine and appeared grandly at Shanghai APPP EXPO after Guangzhou exhibition.

 展厅   展厅
1H~A0605 15m*15m展厅                                                    3H~A0591 6m*6m展厅 

During the exhibition, TPS Digital Cutter aimed at intelligent cutting in advertising and packaging industries and comprehensively showed the cutting speed, accuracy, stability, digital software platform and intelligent cutting solution of nonmetal flexible material. High-end exterior and smooth cutting effect bring a powerful shock to customers.


广印展现场    广印展现场
广印展现场    广印展现场
广印展现场    广印展现场

New intelligent cutter

The third-generation Digital Cutter TPS released redefined the function of various intelligent cutting , providing more intelligent and higher efficient solution for the users of advertising ,packaging and printing industries.

Strength 1 : Large area cutting
TPS Digital Cutting Machine cutting area is 1600*2500mm, and intelligently cutting large area is highly intense, highly accurate and highly stable.

Strength 2 : Prevent over cut function
TPS independent researched and developed CAM software prevents over-cutting at inner-angles to recover graphic outline maximally.

Strength 3 : Intelligent tabletop compensation function
Intelligently the dynamic tabletop mapping procedure provides a real-time update to the exact field conditions. The precise automatic z-control detector, using tabletop mapping, guarantees unsurpassed finishing quality.

Strength 4 : Matching the cut shapes of front and back sides
Combine with tabletop mapping function to achieve cutting at right position on matching cutting at material back.

Strength 5 : Automatic tool calibration function
Tool or bit exchange is fast and effortless thanks to the fiber laser tool tip height sensor. It accurately and automatically calibrates the working depth for different tools and greatly contributes to simple operation.

Strength 6 : The quick replacement universal tool module
The quick replacement universal tool module makes operation simply and efficiency, and saves time of tools replacement to cut different materials easily.




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